“My kids had some Garcia Beef Sausage for lunch.  They had never had them before and I mixed the Sausages with cheese, relish, ketchup and mustard on a hot dog bun.  The kids could not believe how good they were. Mmmm!”  Hassan


“I moved away from Florida and my nephews recently brought me back some from Miami.  The best Sausage in the world!”   Marion


“I have been all over the world, Belgium, Germany, and Netherlands etc. I have never found a better Sausage.  I am from Miami and whenever I am home I have to get a few boxes of Garcia Sausages.  I love them and now that we moved to Georgia where I can also get them!” Hanako


“We need some of your Sausages up north.  Best Sausages ever!” Lashawn


Dutch Packing Co., Inc. – Garcia Brand

2800 North West 112th Avenue

Doral, FL 33172

Tel: 305- 871-3640

Toll Free: 800-723-9249

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