At Dutch Packing Co, we utilize high quality products and the freshest ingredients to create the most flavorful sausages.  We begin our process with meats that are frozen then flaked and ready to go into our grinder where they will be finely ground.  They will continue on our conveyor and placed into a mixer where water and all of our special mixture of spices will be added.  They will be in the mixer for a required period of time where their temperature will be constantly and carefully monitored until they reach the desired state.  They will be placed in buckets and go into our vacuumed stuffers and fitted into our natural casings, which allow us to even the flavors throughout.


Our process is automated but our quality control experts are involved throughout each of the stages to ensure that all products meet our standards in quality, flavor and appearance.


Our sausages will be linked into product portions that are weight- controlled. They are carefully hand operated into 18 loops, transferred into a cart and on their way to be smoked in-house in our strategically located smoke house.  There, they will be cooked in designated temperatures for a specified period of time.  After they are cooked, they will be bathed before going to chill in our chilling house.  Once they have reached the desired temperature they will go to packing into a rolled stock vacuum-packed machine.  Once they are packed they will be ready to ship into our different points of sale where consumers can have access to the final product.


We encourage you to visit our Recipe’s page for great ideas on how to enjoy the Garcia Brand Sausages in a variety of creative and flavorful ways.

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