On May 1st, 1962, I began working at 4115 NW 28th St. The company was called Dutch Kitchen Co., the owner was a Cuban native and his name was Humberto Besada.  The person who got this job for me was Alberto Ros, a friend of mine from Cuba, who later on became my business partner in what would become Dutch Packing Co.


I was in charge of production and was managing sales.  I possessed an incredibly positive personality and an extremely persuasive ability to convince clients that the Dutch Packing products were diverse.  We made hams, salami, hotdogs, sausages and smoked sausages, which would definitely be the focus for our future business.


With time, changes arrived and we learned that it was necessary to begin eliminating products due to their high cost and the losses resulting from them.  Little by little we would eliminate the products and convince ourselves that one product was ideal for the future of the company.


It was a decision that we made very carefully, selling only one product would require an extraordinary sales volume and it would not be easy to reach that goal.  New generations arrived though, young blood with enthusiasm to share the challenge.  My sons, Victor Guillermo and later on Gonzalo, created the harmony that was so vital to unite both production and sales and Dutch Packing was now filled with my three son’s contagious’ happiness.


Today Dutch Packing Co. has reached 49 years of existence, in which we have participated, occasionally have stumbled but we never lacked faith, willpower or a fighting spirit to reach our objective.


There have been many people who have participated in our success.  In first place there is our employees, all of them, without their efforts and cooperation for the past 49 years, we would have not been able to achieve what we proudly protect and take care of today.


My sons, who have devoted their dedication and efforts to working towards the successful results of our company.  Their presence, enthusiastic collaboration and their unwavering disposition to maintain my dream; they also have shared my dream, and today we can together enjoy our Dutch.




At Dutch Packing Co. sausages are our specialty.


Our company ensures that from manufacturing, to packaging, to distribution and delivery, our customers will have an outstanding experience and most important of all that they will taste our great-tasting products.


Our state of the art equipment allows us to perform our job safely and efficiently and to provide the best quality products in our grinders, blenders, stuffers, wrapping and packaging machines from beginning to end.  Dutch Packing Co. follows the strictest sanitation and USDA food-safety standards and we work in close relation with our production department to maintain the highest level of quality, and proper refrigeration so our products are always fresh for our loyal and demanding clientele.


Our sausages have become recognized nationwide and as an effort to satisfy our growing product demand we offer a variety of solutions including, delivery, shipping and multiple distribution channels.  Please contact us for further information at 305- 871-3640.

Our mission here at Dutch Packing Co. is to make and maintain our customers happy.



Dutch Packing Co. is strategically located in beautiful Miami, one of the most sought-after cities in the United States.  After 40 years in business it has undergone expansion, diversification and product refinement to deliver the highest quality products and to meet the demand of the growing number of loyal customers locally and nationwide.


Dutch Packing Co. is family owned and family operated.  A dream that became a reality for Mr. Raul Rodriguez, a Cuban native that immigrated to the United States and devoted his life to making this company successful and his workers part of his family.


The Rodriguez family’s arduous work, passion and dedication have turned this company not only into a safe and employee friendly workplace, but also into a reputable organization that is socially responsible, that supports, sponsors and participates in community events and that has gained brand recognition for food that is high quality, flavorful and that meets the strictest sanitation codes.


“As part of our commitment we continue to improve our products, our systems and operations to create great tasting food and to exceed our customer’s expectations’.”

The Rodriguez Family

Dutch Packing Co., Inc. – Garcia Brand

2800 North West 112th Avenue

Doral, FL 33172

Tel: 305- 871-3640

Toll Free: 800-723-9249

Fax: 305-871-3668